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Vote END: the DJ on the Cyber-Culture Music Awards!

Cyber-Culture.de Magazine [Germany] has a new awards for electronic music, the C-CMA!

With this award, Cyber-Culture wants to spotlight the best artists, labels and DJs from around the world in ​​hard electronic music.
Since they are very grateful to their readers and give them credit, they have expertly put the final award of the prize in your hands.
Their jury has nominated three candidates per category, and the final voting is done by their readers on who should get the award.

END: the DJ Nominated in Best International DJ Category

Since his debut in 2006, END: the DJ has blasted the Industrial dance soundscape touring in various clubs around the world. He convinces us with his mixes and compilations which for him is not just a collection of music, but a complete DJ set on CD, mixing vocals with beautiful transitions and stylish sounds he continues to present to large audiences. Now working with various music labels and having his mixes broadcast globally, END continues to share his love of the music!

Vote END: the DJ for Best International DJ here
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